Comco Ikarus C42 Advanced Ultralight Aircraft

The Ikcarus C42 is certified under the Advanced Ultralight category with respect to aircraft certification and registration regulations by Transport Canada. It is not a kit-built, experimental airplane.

The aircraft is factory built in Germany and is shipped in a container to its destination. The aircraft is soley intended for recreational use.

Advanced Design

The Ikarus C42 has been designed using the latest Computer Aided Design software and modeling techniques seen typically in larger aircraft manufacturers. Comco Ikarus continues to invest in future technologies.

The aircraft has outstanding flight characteristics complementary to flight training and daily use. It's a joy to fly and its outstanding safety record is second to none.

Advanced Technology

The Ikarus C42 airframe, wings and empanage utilize aircraft grade aluminum, composites and carbon fibre in all key structural components. Tight tolerances ensure a high quality product.

This aircraft has been produced for decades with thousands sold world wide. Germany's key ultralight manufacturer has over 35% of the European market share due to outstanding product support

Advanced Category

The aircraft complies with and is certified through the Transport Canada Advanced Ultralight Category. This means fewer restrictions on weight, fuel and wing loading limitations.

Ultralight pilots can now enjoy similar performance to small Cessna type aircraft but keeping the expense of flying down to a minimum. Gone are the days of being exposed to the elements.