Flight Training

Learning to fly has never been so affordable and easy. The ultralight permit will allow you to fly any ultralight in Canada, during day time and in good weather conditions by yourself. You would be surprised to find out our aircraft is an ultralight and not a GA or Cessna style aircraft and all that is required to fly it is an ultralight permit (see Ikarus C42 page)

The training time and cost associated are actually feasible by anyone (3500-4500$). Thats 1/4 of the cost to obtain a private pilot licence but enjoy most of the same privileges in a similar aircraft! You will need to sign a self declared medical, complete our Groundschool, complete 15-20* hours of in-flight Dual flight training with an instructor and pass the written exam.

After that your good to go! you can rent our aircraft, purchase your own or meet a friend at our school that owns an aircraft. If you'd like to take friends up you can add a passenger carrying rating to your permit and fly your friends and family to the lake, over their house or anywhere else you'd like to go in Canada. oh did i mention there are no red lights, traffic or construction…

Ground School

The groundschool course consists of 8 sessions about 2.5-3 hours long. There are many options to complete this requirement. We run a night course one night a week from 6:30pm-9:30pm (this runs continuously so you can join any night or make up a missed night on the next run through), We can provide individual courses that work with your schedule or online video chat courses from your own home. Missed classes can be made up easily. 

Our ground school package makes it easy too! We include all the books, charts, tools and classroom time you need to complete your course. You can attend the classes as many times as you'd like. No extra or hidden fees! The regular scheduled night course costs $600* (class) One on One course (private) cost $800* 

*HST not included in price/no refunds

Basic Flight Instruction

With your flight instructor, you'll learn all the normal, abnormal and emergency procedures to fly safely and obtain your Transport Canada Ultralight Pilot Permit.

The minimum total flight time is only 10 hours but most people take about 15 to 20 hours. Dual instruction flights are booked to your schedule and are charged at an hourly dual rate of $185/Hour the aircraft engine is running. Prior to each flight you will need a preflight briefing and post flight debriefing this is charged at $45/Hour and usually only takes about 15-30 minutes.

You will need to complete some training time practicing manoeuvres solo as well. Solo flights are charged at our solo rental rate of $140/Engine-Hour.

Please note training times vary from student to student, our instructors will in every way possible guide you to obtain your permit however the frequency of your flying, amount of self study and motivation will greatly affect the time and cost it takes to become proficient enough to obtain your permit.

*HST not included in prices/Discounts available contact for details

Advanced Flight Instruction

Now you have your permit - let the fun begin. Most pilots will choose to add a passenger carrying endorsement - there is nothing better than flying with a friend! With an additional 5-10 hours of training and a flight test you can receive this endorsement quite easily. passengers are only permitted in advanced registered ultralights such as our trainer. (contact for more details) 

If you enjoy teaching or would like to further challenge your skills, you can become an ultralight instructor.

Students With Disabilities

We are proud to be able to offer flight training to persons with disabilities. The Ikarus C42 is one of the only aircraft in its category certified for use with hand controls. The owner himself is disabled and would love to introduce more people to flying, it is possible!

Come in and talk to us if you have always dreamed of becoming a pilot.