Discovery Flights

Take to the skies and try a “Discovery” flight. The ultimate way to get a buzz on the weekend, view the world from thousands of feet and try your hand at piloting a plane. Whether you're interested in learning to fly, just looking for a peaceful sight from above or perhaps a unique thrill in a truly 3D environment, the discovery flight is a blast!

You will be greeted and introduced to our facilities, aircraft and home airport by one of our dedicated instructors. After a short briefing (15 mins) you will hop in the plane and take to the skies for your first flight. Our friendly instructors will introduce you into the sensations of flight keep you at ease and show you the basics of flying. You will have the opportunity to take control of the aircraft and realize just how easy flying actually is!

Discovery flights can be any duration you'd like and are charged at an hourly rate of $140/hour. You can use our online scheduler, call or email to book a discovery flight.

This flight also makes a great gift, feel free to contact us to obtain a gift certificate. The “Discovery” flight can also be logged as training time if you wish to pursue flight training however this flight is not at all an obligation to start and theres no pressure, just come and have a great time!