About Us

Ontario Advanced Ultralights Limited is a new business located in Kingston, Ontario and is focused on providing safe, affordable flying and quality flight training and aircraft rentals to everyone.

Our business is only one of two flight schools in Canada that offer flight training in an Advanced Ultralight category aircraft, the Ikarus C42, that is certified by Transport Canada for use with hand controls for persons with physical disabilities.

Zach Elliott, CEO & Instructor

Prior to getting his driver's license, Zach had obtained his recreational pilot permit and by 17, had his private pilot license and was well on his way to earning his commercial license.

Tragically in June 2013, a car crash left Zach paralyzed from the waist down. Rather than give up on his dream, he simply continued to search for a way to continue flying. Finding King George Aviation in British Columbia was paramount to Zach's future in flying. King George Aviation operates the only Ikarus C42 in Canada that is certified for use with hand controls.

Knowing that he couldn't continue commuting to British Columbia to fly for fun, Zach knew that having his own aircraft and flight school would quench his thirst for both his love of flying and his desire to provide a service back to his community.

It is Zach's philosophy to offer the gift of flight to anyone who so desires it - even those with physical disabilities.